# 🆙 Updating

This section outlines the update process required for existing Chevereto V4 instances. It consist on updating the application files then perform the system database update.

😊 Update service

We do offer paid update service at Extra Support (opens new window). Get your Chevereto updated directly from the author.

# Update application files

Depending on how you installed Chevereto you will need to refer to the following instructions:

# Using Docker

# Using release package

Refer to Installing using release package.

# Using Composer

Refer to Installing using Composer.

# Database Update

The database update is required to migrate the existing database schema. You can carry this process in HTTP or CLI context.

ðŸ’Ą For large installations (over 1M of image rows) it is recommended to follow the CLI database update.

# HTTP database update

  • Login as Admin
  • Go to /update

# CLI database update

Refer to CLI update.