# 🆙 Updating

This process is for instances already running Chevereto V4. To update Chevereto provide the updated software files and then proceed with database update.

# Update software files

To update the software files depends on how you installed Chevereto:

# Docker

When using Docker it will required to re-create the Chevereto image and then re-up the container. Refer to UPDATING (opens new window) for instructions.

# Release package

When using the release package it will required to override the previous version of the software files. Refer to Installing (using release package) for instructions.

# Database Update

Once the software files gets updated it will required to update the Chevereto database schema. This process can be carried on HTTP or command-line context.

# HTTP database update

To update Chevereto database via web:

  • Login as Admin
  • Go to /update

# CLI database update

To update Chevereto database from the command line:

  • SSH and cd to your Chevereto instance
  • Run CLI update app/bin/legacy -C update