# 🆙 Updating

This section is for the update process required for existing Chevereto V4 instances. It consist on updating the application files then perform the system database update.

😊 Update service

We do offer paid update service at Extra Support (opens new window). Get your Chevereto updated directly from the author.

# Update application files

This depending on how you installed Chevereto.

# Using Docker

# Using release package

Refer to Installing using release package.

# Database Update

The database update is required to migrate the existing database schema. You can carry this process in HTTP or command-line context.

ðŸ’Ą For large installations (over 1M of image rows) it is recommended to follow the CLI database update.

# HTTP database update

  • Login as Admin
  • Go to /update

# CLI database update

Refer to CLI update.