# 🐞 Debug

Debug enables to dump information about errors that may be affecting the software functionality. If Chevereto isn't working properly it will require debugging to understand the situation.

# Debug with Docker

👉 Replace CONTAINER with the container name.

Chevereto error log:

docker logs CONTAINER -f 1>/dev/null

Chevereto access log:

docker logs CONTAINER -f 2>/dev/null

# Debug (production)

By enabling this Chevereto will debug errors to the screen (only to administrators).

Enable at Settings > System > Debug Errors (opens new window).

# Debug (development)

Debug can be configured using environment variables.

Note: This variable is read from $_ENV (server context) not from app/env.php (Chevereto app).


# Editing source

You can force error display by editing the source code.

  • Open app/legacy/load/register-handlers.php
  • Change this:
$isDebug = isDebug();
  • To this:
//$isDebug = isDebug();
$isDebug = true;

# Debug level

Note on debug levels

Error level >= 2 is not recommended for production environments. Is not safe to print the errors to the screen, handle it with care.

Level (N) Description
0 No debug
1 (default) Debug to log_device
2 Print errors (no logging)
3 Print errors and log to log_device

Use CHEVERETO_DEBUG_LEVEL=N to configure the debug level.

# Error log device

Use CHEVERETO_ERROR_LOG to customize where error log will be written.


Double-check that the target log device is writable by the user running PHP.

# Finding the logs

This vary depending the server provider and how PHP runs in the server. In doubt, always ask first to your system administrator.

  • Chevereto
    • Logs by default at php://stderr
  • Docker
    • Logs to /dev/stderr
  • XR Debug
    • Streams the debug messages to the XR Debug session
  • Apache
    • Logs by default at /var/log/apache2/error.log
    • Virtual host directive defines custom error log location
    • Commonly configured for /var/www/domain.com/logs
    • Logs by default at /var/log/nginx/error.log
    • Server block defines custom error log location
    • Commonly configured for /var/www/domain.com/logs
  • cPanel
    • Logs by default at ../domain.com.error.log (parent of public_html folder)
    • Vary a lot from providers and cPanel version

# I can't find the logs

You can configure CHEVERETO_DEBUG_LEVEL >= 2 but note that this error reporting level could compromise your installation. Restrict any public access to your website and revert to CHEVERETO_DEBUG_LEVEL=1 as soon as possible.

If you can't find the logs or you are having a hard time with this you can request Extra Support (opens new window) so we can safely debug your installation.