# ðŸ“Ķ Installation

Installation refers to the process where the software files gets provided in the target machine.

# Requirements

To run Chevereto it will require PHP, Web Server, MySQL database and CRON.

# Installation guides

For fresh installations continue with one of the following guides:

# Using release package

The release package is a zip file containing the software files.

# Manual (CLI)

Run the following command (opens new window) to download and extract Chevereto package:

bash <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/chevereto/vps/4.0/common/get.sh)

# Manual (GUI)

  • Upload the latest release to a non-public path in your server
  • Unzip the package in the target website directory (public_html folder)
  • Remove the .zip file
  • Open your target website URL and follow the Setup instructions

# Setup

Once the software files are provided the software is ready for Setup. This is required only once per instance.

Setup refers to the process when the Chevereto database tables and its admin user is created. You can carry this process in HTTP or CLI context.

# HTTP setup

  • Go to /install

# CLI install