# Contributing

Contribute to Chevereto to show your support and care for the software. Anyone can contribute, don't hesitate to contact us (opens new window) if you have something in your mind not covered here.

# Show and Tell

The best way you can support us is by spreading the word about the software we do.

Tell others what Chevereto does and how you use it.

# Documentation

We make typing mistakes, we may provide complex instructions hard to follow and so on. If something in this documentation is wrong or in need of extra care let us know!

Feel free to contribute to the docs repo (opens new window).

# Servers

Chevereto is self-hosted software running in many different system configurations and use cases. While the software is capable of this feat, it may show some issues which at the same time are hard to narrow down.

Hosting providers and heavy users are advised to donate us servers for this purpose. We always need access to commercial available servers to make compatibility tests and checking.