Chevereto supports Tinkewell (opens new window) and PsySH (opens new window), enabling to execute any set of instructions under the environment of a read–eval–print loop (opens new window) (REPL).

You can interact directly with the Chevereto application as it enables to query the database, call any function within the public API, debug and to facilitate exploratory programming (opens new window).

Tinkerwell Chevereto

Sample code
use Chevereto\Legacy\Classes\DB;
use Chevereto\Legacy\Classes\Login;

$row = DB::get(table: 'users', values: 'all', limit: 1);
$row = DB::formatRows($row);
$row['name']; //?
$row['website']; //?
$row['bio']; //?

$googleSecret = Login::getProviders('all')['google']['secret']; //?
$enabledProviders = Login::getProviders('enabled');

# Using PsySH

PsySH comes included with Chevereto V4, run the following command to start the REPL environment.


# Using Tinkerwell

To use Tinkerwell with Chevereto configure the PHP binary and open/connect your Chevereto installation.