# Operating system

Chevereto V4 is made for Unix-like systems and it is CI tested against Ubuntu (opens new window) ubuntu-latest.

V4 documentation at this time is written for Debian-based systems. We recommend checking/contributing with system-specific commands.

# Non Debian-based

Non Debian-based systems should work fine with Chevereto V4 long as the system stack packages matches with the versions available on Debian.

Make sure to replace references in this documentation from www-data to the target web-server user.

# Windows and others

For non Unix-like systems as Windows we recommend using our Docker provisioning.

# Video processing

Chevereto since V4.1 (Pulento) optionally requires FFmpeg (opens new window) and FFprobe to process video uploads. The FFmpeg binary should be available at the system path, alternatively you can configure the binary location manually.