Don't run as root

The Chevereto console won't work when using root user. It must be called from a normal user.

Chevereto V4 includes a command line interface enabling to perform a variety of system tasks. This console command should be invoked in the following format:

app/bin/legacy -C <command> <options>
  • app/bin/legacy path to the Chevereto console file
  • <command> task to run
  • <options> options for command

Command invocation vary depending on the system context, here samples for Debian and Docker:

# Install

The install command installs Chevereto. It requires to pass the admin user details.

To install Chevereto for user "rodolfo" with password "myPassword":

app/bin/legacy -C install \
    -u rodolfo \
    -e rodolfo@chevereto.loc \
    -x myPassword
Option Description
u Admin username
e Admin email
x Admin password

# Update

The update command updates the Chevereto database schema.

app/bin/legacy -C update

# Version

The version command outputs the Chevereto filesystem version.

app/bin/legacy -C version

# Cron

The cron command runs the background jobs required by Chevereto.

app/bin/legacy -C cron

# Bulk importer

The bulk-importer command process files for Bulk importer (opens new window).

app/bin/legacy -C bulk-importer

# Encryption

To use encryption it requires to configure the CHEVERETO_ENCRYPTION_KEY environment variable.

# Encrypt secrets

The encrypt-secrets command encrypts the application plain text secrets (not already encrypted) in the database.

app/bin/legacy -C encrypt-secrets

If the application secrets are already encrypted (stored as cipher text) it will require to pass the key for decrypting the existing secrets. Use the -k argument to indicate the key for the already stored cipher texts:

app/bin/legacy -C encrypt-secrets -k key_for_stored_data

# Decrypt secrets

The decrypt-secrets command decrypts the application secrets stored as cipher text in the database.

app/bin/legacy -C decrypt-secrets

After running the above command set CHEVERETO_ENCRYPTION_KEY to empty string to disable encryption.

# Htaccess

# Htaccess checksum

The htaccess-checksum command generates safe .htaccess for Chevereto folders.

app/bin/legacy -C htaccess-checksum

# Htaccess enforce

The htaccess-enforce command checks for any alteration on the .htaccess files and reverts them to the defaults included by Chevereto.

app/bin/legacy -C htaccess-enforce

# Langs

The langs command generates the cache for language translations. The command outputs the list of languages processed.

app/bin/legacy -C langs

# Password reset

The password-reset command generates and assign a new password for the target username. The command outputs the new password.

To reset the password for user "rodolfo":

app/bin/legacy -C password-reset -u rodolfo

# Settings

# Setting get

The setting-get command retrieves the target database setting key value.

To get the value for "chevereto_version_installed":

app/bin/legacy -C setting-get -k chevereto_version_installed

# Setting update

The setting-update command updates the target database setting key value. It outputs the value after update.

To update the value for "maintenance":

app/bin/legacy -C setting-update -k maintenance -v true