# 🚀 Upgrading

This section outlines the upgrade process required to install V4 from Chevereto V3.20 (previous major release).

ðŸ’Ą Review Chevereto V4 vs V3 comparison tables for a better understanding of changes in V4.

# Requirements

  • Existing installation running Chevereto V3.20 latest-release
  • Backup for the existing previous installation (told you)

# Test install

It is recommended to check that a new V4 installation can install and run in the target machine. This is a good way for detecting conflicting server requirements as you don't want to handle server issues in the middle of a migration.

👏 Don't worry about license-domain restrictions as this is just a test install.

  • Create a new website
  • Install Chevereto V4

If everything goes well you can delete this test installation, or use it as your new V4 application by:

# Upgrade to V4

Upgrade to V4 is performed by providing the software files on top of the existing Chevereto V3 installation. It is the same process for updating within revisions.

  • Provide the Chevereto V4 application files on top of V3 installation
  • Go to /install, provide the database connection information
  • Follow the on-screen process