# Upgrading

This process is for upgrading to Chevereto V4 from Chevereto V3.20 (previous major release). Check Upgrading Free if you need to upgrade from a free edition.

Review Chevereto V4 vs V3 comparison tables for a better understanding of changes in V4.

# Requirements

  • Existing installation running Chevereto V3.20
  • Backup for the existing previous installation (optional, recommended)

# Upgrade to V4

Upgrade to Chevereto V4 is performed by overriding the previous software files with the new files provided by Chevereto V4.

Follow these step:

  • Remove app/vendor from your Chevereto V3 installation
  • Override Chevereto V3 files with Chevereto V4 files
  • Switch to PHP 8
  • Create app/env.php (see remark below)
  • Proceed with database update

# Application settings

Chevereto V4 uses a new configuration standard.

  • Rename app/settings.php to app/env.php
  • Update file accordingly the updated environment
<?php // app/settings.php
$settings['db_host'] = 'localhost';
$settings['db_name'] = 'chevereto';
$settings['db_user'] = 'user';
$settings['db_pass'] = 'pass';
<?php // app/env.php
return [
    'CHEVERETO_DB_HOST' => 'localhost',
    'CHEVERETO_DB_NAME' => 'chevereto',
    'CHEVERETO_DB_USER' => 'user',
    'CHEVERETO_DB_PASS' => 'pass',


Chevereto V4 comes with a new console. You must update your CRON command to point to the new location.

From Chevereto V3 cron:

cli.php -C cron

To Chevereto V4 cron:

app/bin/legacy -C cron