# 🚀 Upgrading

This section outlines the upgrade process required to install V4 from Chevereto V3.20 (previous major release).

😊 Upgrade service

We do offer paid upgrade service at Extra Support (opens new window). Get your Chevereto upgraded directly from the author.

ðŸ’Ą Review Chevereto V4 vs V3 comparison tables for a better understanding of changes in V4.

# Requirements

  • Existing installation running Chevereto V3.20
  • Backup for the existing previous installation (optional, recommended)

# Test install (optional)

It is recommended to check first that a new Chevereto V4 installation can install and run in the target server. This is for detecting any conflicting requirement.

ðŸ’Ą Don't worry about license-domain restrictions. This is just a test install.

  • Create a new website
  • Install Chevereto V4
  • Make sure it works without issues

If everything goes well you can delete this test installation and try it for real. If not, then go to Bug Tracking (opens new window) to share your findings.

# Upgrade to V4

Upgrade to Chevereto V4 is performed by overriding the previous software files with the new files provided by Chevereto V4.

Follow these without skipping any step:

  • Remove app/vendor from your Chevereto V3 installation
  • Override Chevereto V3 files with Chevereto V4 files
  • Switch to PHP 8
  • Create app/env.php (see remark below)
  • Proceed with database update

# Application settings

Chevereto V4 uses a new configuration standard. You must update your settings accordingly.

  • Update app/settings.php to app/env.php (note: different format!)
  • (Alternative) Provide system environment variables


Chevereto V4 comes with a new console. You must update your CRON command to point to the new location.

From Chevereto V3:

cli.php -C cron

To Chevereto V4:

app/bin/legacy -C cron