# MySQL Server

Version MySQL MariaDB
4.0 5.7, 8 10

Chevereto support both MySQL/MariaDB database servers but we refer indistinctly as MySQL.

Chevereto V4 rely in a RDBMS (opens new window) provided by a MySQL server.

# Resources

# What it does?

The MySQL server is used to interact with the database storing relational data, for which Chevereto links users to media, content to reactions, folders, etc. That relational data is what is used to define what your application "is".

# Troubleshoot

Having issues? Check the following common pitfalls:

  • Wrong credentials (user/password)
  • Invalid or missing privileges (read/write in the database)
  • Outdated MySQL version
  • Bad configured MySQL socket
  • Usage of MyISAM storage engine (ALTER table to InnoDB storage)

# Database Permissions

Database user must have ALL PRIVILEGES over the target database.

# Database Storage engine

InnoDB table storage engine.

Old versions using MyISAM table storage engine will require to convert the old tables to InnoDB. Read Convert MyISAM tables to InnoDB (opens new window)

# Creating the database

# Using the MySQL console

Run the following command to create the chevereto database and its user binding.

sudo mysql -uroot -ppassword -e "CREATE DATABASE chevereto; \
    CREATE USER 'chevereto' IDENTIFIED BY 'user_database_password'; \
    GRANT ALL ON chevereto.* TO 'chevereto' IDENTIFIED BY 'user_database_password';"

# Using web panels

Links for the most popular panels:

# Updating

When manual updating the database keep the following considerations:

  • Disconnect all peers
  • Turn off the MySQL server, work in its console (phpMyAdmin, Adminer, CLI)
  • Run the MySQL statements one-by-one (a semi-colon ; denotes when a MySQL statement ends)