# 4.1 Pulento

Chevereto V4.1 codename Pulento (opens new window) carries the development started with Macanudo. It adds Video support, customizable theme font and it starts to deliver the user-based API.

With Pulento Chevereto has now become an Image and Video hosting software.

# Blog posts

# Video support

Now with support for video content.

Chevereto has always been the photo-sharing champion, and we're not going anywhere. But we see video as the next frontier for creative expression, and we want to be your one-stop shop for all your media needs.

# User-based API

Use and send commands to Chevereto from anywhere.

Every single action in the system will be available under this HTTP API, enabling anyone to build rich Chevereto-based applications by leveraging backend on Chevereto’s and creating tailored user interfaces for your very own needs.

# Customizable theme font

Easy select Chevereto system font to fit your style.

You can now select the font used in the Chevereto theme, this is a system-wide setting that will affect all users, and it is a great way to make Chevereto feel more like home.