# cPanel App files

# Installing Chevereto

To install Chevereto on cPanel you need to use the release package and cPanel's file manager to unzip this package in your target website.

  • Go to File Manager under Files


  • Navigate to your home /home/user/ home directory
  • Click on Upload and on Select File
  • Upload the release zip file that you downloaded following using release package instructions
  • Once uploaded, go back to the file manager at /home/user/ directory
  • Right-click on the zip file file and select Extract

File Manager Extract

  • A prompt appears, enter path /public_html and click on Extract Files

You can customize /public_html to reflect the path for your configured website.

File Manager Extract Files

  • If you are installing Chevereto for the first time you can continue with Setup.

# Updating Chevereto

To update Chevereto on cPanel simply follow the steps described above. That process only alters the application files, it won't touch the website contents.

If you made modifications to the software you may want to review these changes before.